Angrboda vs. Sigyn as the Mother of the Dark Siders Club

Everyone looks to Angrboda as the Mother aspect of the Shadow side of the Norse Pantheon. There is a good argument there for it, seeing as how She birthed three very wonderful children-Fenris, Jormundgandr, and Hela. Maybe it’s just my relationship with Her, but I see her more as the fierce clan leader, The Hagia, and get less of Her maternal side.

I’ve never had a Mother myself, so maybe I don’t call that aspect out in Her, since I have no expectation of it? Maybe those aren’t the lessons She needs to teach me? She’s always been more of a mentor with the hard lessons, the fear lessons, the ones that keep you alive. And perhaps, in that regard She really is showing She is a Mother goddess because what are parents here for other than to keep their children alive?  

And then my heart breaks a little transitioning from that thought to Lady Sigyn. I do see Her as more of a Mother goddess than Angrboda in some ways. She is gentle and kind and understands heart sadness, though she doesn’t seem to tolerate wallowing in grief. She’s the kind to let you acknowledge your grief has power and move you along to something more positive because after all one of her kennings is Victory. She acknowledges the use of Catharsis. In my personal experience, I see her as a protector of the unborn and new born as well. She’s a protector of the vulnerable.

She’s possibly the first solid experience I ever had with the Norse Pantheon in this life time, Loki following to the scene afterwards. I just didn’t realize it at the time, but that’s a different story.  

I think I find it easier to identify with Sigyn, myself, because w/We’ve both experienced the grief of the loss of a child, but on the other hand I’m a Witch and I feel a great pull to work with Angrboda. In the end, they are both Mothers, and I think in any discussion of the “Mother” of those who count themselves Rokkatru They should be equally considered. In every way that counts Sigyn is as much a Mother as Angrboda with her three children, and I think more of Sigyn’s work with Her mortals centers on mothers, motherhood, and children. In some ways I think Sigyn is slighted out of the discussion of Motherhood, or at least seems to be in much of what I’ve read, because hers are dead. I can’t find much of another explanation. And because She was a child bride. No matter what form she takes She is an ancient well of power.

I’m not sure why it bothers me so much when I read about Sigyn and she isn’t really considered a Mother.


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