Speaking of spirit/human relationships gone bad…

I won’t comment on the relationship in question in this post, as the post very well speaks on that, but what I will say is that this almost says more about us as a community than it does about the players here. We need more people willing to step up into leadership positions so that the few who have won’t become burned out, over burdened, and generally abused. Yes, everyone needs to be able to set limits, but it is hard to turn away people who are confused and often times scared. We need places, public places, people can go and get a reasonable amount of support without jumping through hoops. I was extremely lucky to find some people who were willing to put up with my questions and problems, and I had a lot of them, when I first got bapped upside the head by Loki. We need to pull together when people are having problems, initiations, facing trials, not play the “holier than thou” game. I am horrified, just horrified, that this person went through this.


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