Loki’s Month: A Month For Himself or Let’s Spill Some Ink Together

In keeping with last year, this month is Loki’s. Really, He gets me year round, but this month is the month I try hardest to listen for His direction. This month is the month I am going to attempt to finish the story We started last July that ripped my heart out of my chest and stomped on it and then put it back in again. It’s been taunting me for a while now, half finished and waiting for…something. I think this is that something. This month is the month I try hardest to set the tone for the rest of the year with daily offerings and meditations, with giving him my mental ear instead of getting bogged down in Mundania, with making sure my Heart is as available as it should be. He has to work just as hard as I do for Our connection in many ways because he has to snag my attention from the physical plane, and I want to take this month to let him know the most important thing.

I am here too.

I am not only here when it is convenient for me.

I Love You, My Sweetest Friend.

Hail to Himself! Let’s have a wild ride. You get my pen every day this month, come hell or high water.



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