Beach Meditations: Lessons in Death

I decided this morning that I would go to the beach to meditate again. I had such a fine time earlier in the week, I thought why not? I picked out an incense for Himself (Fizzy Pop because it has glitter on the stick and why not?), pocketed a lighter, and hopped in the car with my laptop so I could work afterwards.

I got to the beach and it’s beautiful, as always, with wheeling seagulls and the surf, and sunlight glittering on sand and water. The air was actually crisp this morning after a week of melting humidity and too hot to handle heat. I left my offering to Himself and started walking.

Part way down the beach, about halfway through what I’d decided I was going to walk I found a fish. It was huge-about 20 pounds I’d say, and it was flopping on the sand. It had gotten stuck in the tide, and was drowning in the air. So, me being me, I thought I shall save you fishy fish! and the rescue mission was on. I pushed the thing, flopping and splashing me in nasty fish water and sand (before I went out to work mind you) into the surf and waited for it to swim away. It didn’t. It swam TOWARD THE BEACH. I spent 15 minutes trying to help this fish save itself and in the end watched it flop there on the beach, dying, the same as it had been when I started.

Maybe this wasn’t meant to be a lesson for me, but I walked away with one. Some people just don’t want to save themselves, and no matter how hard you work you can’t save someone who doesn’t want saving.

This is actually something I have a tendency to do though.

Oh, well…


One thought on “Beach Meditations: Lessons in Death

  1. I have been both of these, actually.
    I have tried to save fish who I had assumed needed saving from themselves, and I have been a fish that refused to be saved.
    So there you have it: how it always is that I am always familiar with both sides of such lessons. This is how I get nothing done, yet think I am am learning so so much

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