Be Me

I’m me, myself, and I no matter where I try to hide, and one resounding message from Himself is always to BE myself. Don’t try to hide that smirk, don’t try to force my life down a path that sucks my soul, don’t avoid the things that go bump in the night or the darkness of my soul. All of that shit is me too.

Be me.

Don’t try to avoid things that scare me because those things are the things I need to learn. Fear is my friend. Fear is a teacher, but fear isn’t to be wallowed in. Fear can be harnessed. Fear is an energy and if I learn to use my fear, that wild careening energy, rather than letting it use me, I’ll be unstoppable.

Be me.

Do be there FOR HIM. Do be there for MY PARTNER. Do take time out for ME. Do devotion work. Do leave offerings for Everyone who inspires, helps, and sometimes just because They’re Loki’s LOVES. Do write. Do love my family. Do walk away from people who are not supportive. Do sink into the Otherness every day, but do realize I have this body and this life and Mundania needs me too.

There is nothing I cannot do so long as I don’t exhaust myself trying to hide my essence.

Be me. Be His. Be Mine. Be Ours.


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