Forbidden UPG

The reason I have trouble talking about certain aspects of my UPG is strangely because I’m so open about most of it. I’m very open. So, when it gets down to talking about something that seems self aggrandizing I struggle with old feelings of worthlessness (for many reasons-my younger years weren’t kind to me in various sways). I struggle with things I’ve thought I well and truly laid to rest brought back up by spirit work, and I could easily see the same in others. We’re told so often that to be the center of attention is greedy-and there are an entire host of problems I believe women in particular seem to struggle with as a result of the “others first” teachings some of us dealt with during our childhoods-that people pleaser garbage. I thoroughly enjoyed this blog post though. All good thoughts. (And I wouldn’t mind if we showed up with matching tee shirts so long as they were clever and comfortable. 😀 )


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