The Simple Life


I would wager simplicity isn’t something most people associate with Loki. He’s a God of Change. He’s a god of Mischievousness. He’s Mr. Tricky. With Loki’s love of Truth though, at least the truths we tell ourselves, He’s also a lover of the direct route. The long and winding road is good if we’re learning something or if it is necessary, but we don’t always have to take it just because we’re His. He will build convoluted schemes, but at the end of the day that’s work, and when we’re dealing with ourselves unnecessary.

Short thoughts on a long day.

Building a simple life is easier than building a scaffolding of fixes. How can we build a simple life? Have people we trust, trust with everything, and keep them close. Have a life direction. Follow it. Have a life goal. Achieve it. Have friends and keep faith with them. Be loyal and understanding. Have ethics and abide by them, but always leave room for the gray areas and then always approach them calmly. Keep faith with your Gods, They love you and you love Them. Make time for Them. Don’t allow unimportant things to suck your time away from the important ones.

Hail Loki!


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