Care to Participate in a Magical Experiment?

I love experiments. It warms my Geeky little Heart. Anyone else care to participate? This should be especially interesting as the veil begins to thin.

Magick From Scratch

So, something I am doing, or have done, is causing deities to physically manifest for me, on occasion. The problem is that I have NO idea which thing it is. I am looking for a few volunteers to help me figure it out. This would entail changing an aspect of your personal practice for 30 days, and then simply reporting what occurred. IE, did you experience manifestation, and if so, where on the spectrum those manifestations fall.

Ok, so, this is not actually a controlled experiment, but the options here will constitute enough of a fishing expedition that I’ll have some clue which direction to look in, if I ever want to conduct a proper experiment.

If you are interested, answer the initial questions, and then file yourself into an experimental group.

Initial Questions

1. What spiritual entities do you work with?

2. How do you understand the relationship of these…

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