Living in Paradox

I had a hard conversation with a Christian friend this morning. He’s suffering a dark night of the soul, losing his faith, not seeing the point to religion at all…something most of us have gone through. This conversation helped me come to an important realization.

Being a polytheist is more about being at ease with paradox than anything else. I believe there is a unifying divine energy in the universe and multitudes of Gods and I don’t have to make that mesh for both to be so. I can believe in archetypes and the Gods all at the same time without it being a problem. (Though I do have a theory there.)

We don’t struggle with the question of why a “good god” would let “bad things” happen quite the same way as Christians do, mainly because we don’t believe our Gods are infallible or omniscient. What we see as justice or injustice isn’t much the point when it comes to working with Wyrd. Being a polytheist is about being able to say, “I don’t know all of the answers,” without being swamped by anxiety, loving your Beloved Gods, and getting on with the basics of living.


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