Meet the New God in Town

I’ve been interacting with a Divine Presence who isn’t Loki, and I’m having the damndest trouble pinning Him down with a name.

The name game goes like this:

“Are you Loki? You know, Loki can be irritating like this. Maybe you are and you’re screwing with me.”

Divine headshake in the negative.

“I didn’t think you really were. Odin? How about…Are you Jor? Jor is usually more verbose than this. And you don’t look like him, much. Or smell like him. And you’re not smug enough.”

Divine headshake no with a smirk.

“I’ll figure out who you are you know.”

“What do you know of love? What do you think of love? What do you want to do with your life?” He asks while we stare at an endless starry veil, solid chest under my back, the glitter of a thousand stars reflected in his endless eyes.

“You’re a cheater.”

Divine smug grin.

“Maybe you are Jormungandr.”

Divine headshake no.

“God damn it.”


“If I guess you’ll tell me though, right?”

Shoulder shrug.


10 thoughts on “Meet the New God in Town

    • I’ve been thinking about that. Putting that on my list of STUFF to consider. Wouldn’t shock me. Wouldn’t shock me if he’d been “born” (whatever that means for Deities) fairly “recently” in the cosmology. Maybe he’s the god of Pain in the Ass Writers.

      • *snorts* could be.
        Dionysos has assured me that divinities have kids all the time. And well, I can attest to that, as parent to the kid of a goddess (not my Wife either!).

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