Trying Not to Waste My Breath

I was going to get into a lengthy diatribe about “good Heathens” who don’t want to worship “the enemies of the gods” today, because I read something exceptionally close minded this morning, but rather than do that, which would only enrage me further, I thought I might talk about the reasons I do keep company with Loki and his family.

Loki is the change, the chaos in the system, that makes the entire system function. He’s playful, intelligent, forthright, loyal, relentless, and someone you should always want at your back. He’s good at seeing where things meet-the physical world, mental boundaries, community ties. He’s potentially the breath of Divine spark in all of us.

Sigyn is an amazing example of steadfast love. She’s also a Goddess who has faced grief and continues on, fulfilling Her duties.

Angrboda is an amazing leader, wise witch, and equal consort of Loki. She’s given Him and the world not only Her wisdom, but Her Children.

Laufey-I can’t say enough good things about Her. She’s healing light.

Hel- She takes care of the dead. We’re all going to die someday. Best not to be disrespectful for no reason.

Fenris-I think He gets a bum wrap. I’m not as sure about Him, as I’ve spent less time with him, but He’s got something going on.

Jormungandr literally holds the world together. Literally.

Odin. Let us not forget that the Allfather is Loki’s blood brother and chosen family.

There is dark in light and light in dark and claiming any one of the Gods is “unworthy” simply means to me that the person making the statement isn’t meant to work with those Gods or hasn’t spent enough time working with Them. There are more lessons to be learned in the gray areas than anywhere else.


2 thoughts on “Trying Not to Waste My Breath

  1. You are right on all points. Dont waste your breath or energy on those that cant get past their christian (usually) consciousness & desperately need their “enemy” to blame/fight/whatever. It is their loss. They are just as tiresome as christians who blame everthing on satan and are waiting to fight him at armageddon.

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