The New Year

I’ve always liked the New Year. I like it the same way I like a fresh notebook and pack of pens.

It’s nothing but possibility.

This year I intend to:

Work more on getting in a solid meditation routine.

Focus more on the shifting seasons and changes constantly happening around me.

Allow myself to feel my fear when it happens instead of ignoring it, and move through it.

Give my family the attention they need, but still make time for my work.

Expand my use of divination. Currently it’s my last resort when I’m having a problem, and I’m thinking of making it more of a part of my day to day.

I’ve also got the typical mundane intentions: Lose some weight. Exercise more. Read more classics. Make sure I’m giving time to my partner. Cook most of my meals. Then there’s some cross over here: I’m dropping caffeine entirely, so I’m going to drop chocolate as well. I’m also looking to cut dairy and sugar out of my diet completely.  The Modern American diet doesn’t agree with my body and Loki’s giving me the push to be healthy even if it’s harder than just eating whatever crap is lying around.

And the biggest on both the mundane and spiritual levels: Allow myself to lose control sometimes. Type A personality be damned.


The Feminine Loki

When Loki first whapped me upside the head I didn’t realize his tendency to occasionally gender bend, but it has made Him all the more Beloved to me. ❤

The Road, the Walker, and What Comes Next

Any discussion about Loki is going to bring up His parentage of Sleipnir. This particular bit of tricky business is praised by some, sneered at by others. A rather more detailed discussion about Loki will bring up the accusation made by Odin that Loki spent winters under the earth as a woman either milking cows or nursing babies. A more in depth discussion of Loki may mention that He became pregnant after eating the heart of an unnamed woman burned for unknown reasons. A quite detailed discussion of Loki will mention in passing that He’s known to have given birth to a race of ogre-like female creatures or witch women. This is why those who love Him exalt His title of Mother of Witches.

All this lore-based information collects to form a distinctly complex picture of Loki’s gendered identity. People who love and worship Him are generally familiar with His…

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Happy Yule 2014!

Happy Yule all!

Yule at our house this year meant soul food. I’m not sure how or why that happened, but I’m partially blaming the inspiration on Loki Himself.

Our Yule turkey was bacon wrapped and slow cooked for about 8 hours, the mashed potatoes had an entire quart of half and half as well as a stick of butter (luscious…they were like velvet), there were sautéed mushrooms and asparagus in simple wine sauce, and this was all rounded out with a cheesy veggie bake. By the time we worked our way through this Yule feast no one minded that I’d forgotten to make the ginger cake for dessert.

Candles are lit in our windows and I have a special offering for Loki and Odin ready to go out this evening. (White chocolate and strawberry chocolate as well as a Rootbeer candy cane and some seasonal beer.) I hope you all have a wonderful time with your family and boast long and loud about your Beloved Gods.

Yoinked Traditions and Irritating Christian Family Members

Am I right in that most PAGANS know the bible better than most Christians? Maybe I’m not, but it’s starting to feel like it.

I inadvertently managed to offend a Christian family member on my facebook feed today. (Not that doing so is a phenomenally difficult thing to do, but anyway…) The entire event made me realize she had a valid point, however. It all started with a meme talking about Jeremiah 10 insinuating that Christians shouldn’t decorate “Christmas” trees because of this passage, which in actuality talks about not making idols, and I knew that, but I posted it anyway because I thought it was funny.

She brought up the point that posting this meme merely spread misinformation.

So, I won’t be doing that anymore.

I’ll be keeping my posts about appropriated holiday pageantry on point in the future-the “Christmas” tree was a yoinked Nordic tradition. The end.

Although, out of all of this I have realized I was doing something I’ve railed against in others of the Christian persuasion (read: Kirk Cameron and the laughable Kirk Cameron Saves Christmas). I did post something that I knew was misleading at best, so in the future I will only share well researched religiously related information, even when it comes down to something as innocuous as memes, and I encourage everyone else to do the same.

Tell people exactly, in excruciating detail, where their beloved “Christian” holidays come from. I don’t think they’ll like it much better, but at least you won’t be spreading half truths. I think we all have some family members who don’t appreciate knowing about Heathenry, Paganism, or history in general. Hopefully we can get through the holidays without wanting to strangle each other over the holiday turkey.

When people wish bad upon you (A pep talk about haterz and loverz)

❤ I needed this.


I agree- it is time for me to write something. It’s not that I didn’t want to… But you see, life got in the way. I’m rebuilding my strength, rising from the ashes, so to speak. Life is like this – some people are good for you, and some people are bad for you. No “Hocus Pocus” there, but the trick is to notice what people around you make you feel like. Do they bully you, or talk behind your back? Are your friends really true friends? There are so many vultures out there who just wait for you to fall. We all have those, allright…. This can be draining, feeling these bad vibes just “lurking in the dark”, watching your every step (in case you’ve ever had a stalker – like I’ve had)…Yes, you can kind of feel when others are wishing bad upon you. This is how I work: For every bad wish…

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Once again my personal practice has come back to the issue of time, namely, carving out adequate time at appropriate points in my day.

They need my time. I need Them to have it. It’s a circular thing.

The hours before I fall asleep, perhaps the last hour or so in particular, seems to be something They are telling me should be Theirs, so tonight I’m going to put my work or book down and give it to Them, and see what we shall see.

Dr. Loki Redux

For those of you who have followed this blog for some time you may remember that Loki Himself donned a white coat and tried to play doctor with me a while back, and not in that fun way. He told me, in no uncertain terms, that caffeine was killing me. To stop drinking coffee.

Now, there is little I wouldn’t do because He told me-I picked up and moved my entire family because He basically said it was TIME and it has worked out for us, thankfully, but …my coffee?

I tried. I stopped drinking it for about a month and felt better, but then I started working hectic hours and sleeping minimal hours and the Coffee Dragon crept back into my day.

Oh, sweet dark nectar.

All the while getting the frowny face from Loki, but He mostly ignored it after telling me about it other than a few pokes here and there.

Now, my doctor has told me it’s sending my blood pressure way, way too high because, guess what, caffeine is a drug. It’s not sending me into Strokesville, but over time it will do not great things to me.


Yeah, always listen to Dr. Loki.