Dr. Loki Redux

For those of you who have followed this blog for some time you may remember that Loki Himself donned a white coat and tried to play doctor with me a while back, and not in that fun way. He told me, in no uncertain terms, that caffeine was killing me. To stop drinking coffee.

Now, there is little I wouldn’t do because He told me-I picked up and moved my entire family because He basically said it was TIME and it has worked out for us, thankfully, but …my coffee?

I tried. I stopped drinking it for about a month and felt better, but then I started working hectic hours and sleeping minimal hours and the Coffee Dragon crept back into my day.

Oh, sweet dark nectar.

All the while getting the frowny face from Loki, but He mostly ignored it after telling me about it other than a few pokes here and there.

Now, my doctor has told me it’s sending my blood pressure way, way too high because, guess what, caffeine is a drug. It’s not sending me into Strokesville, but over time it will do not great things to me.


Yeah, always listen to Dr. Loki.


2 thoughts on “Dr. Loki Redux

  1. *nods* in July, He sent me a dream where He massaged my cheek, pinpointing some tooth pain leftover from my wisdom teeth extraction. I finally got off my butt in October to ask the doctor why the fuck my mouth still hurt FOUR MONTHS after surgery.

    “Oops, sorry, we left some bits of tooth in your lower jaw and you are a high risk for nerve damage.”

    Always listen to Dr. Loki.

    Hail Loki, for helping me avoid nerve damage! 😀

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