Yoinked Traditions and Irritating Christian Family Members

Am I right in that most PAGANS know the bible better than most Christians? Maybe I’m not, but it’s starting to feel like it.

I inadvertently managed to offend a Christian family member on my facebook feed today. (Not that doing so is a phenomenally difficult thing to do, but anyway…) The entire event made me realize she had a valid point, however. It all started with a meme talking about Jeremiah 10 insinuating that Christians shouldn’t decorate “Christmas” trees because of this passage, which in actuality talks about not making idols, and I knew that, but I posted it anyway because I thought it was funny.

She brought up the point that posting this meme merely spread misinformation.

So, I won’t be doing that anymore.

I’ll be keeping my posts about appropriated holiday pageantry on point in the future-the “Christmas” tree was a yoinked Nordic tradition. The end.

Although, out of all of this I have realized I was doing something I’ve railed against in others of the Christian persuasion (read: Kirk Cameron and the laughable Kirk Cameron Saves Christmas). I did post something that I knew was misleading at best, so in the future I will only share well researched religiously related information, even when it comes down to something as innocuous as memes, and I encourage everyone else to do the same.

Tell people exactly, in excruciating detail, where their beloved “Christian” holidays come from. I don’t think they’ll like it much better, but at least you won’t be spreading half truths. I think we all have some family members who don’t appreciate knowing about Heathenry, Paganism, or history in general. Hopefully we can get through the holidays without wanting to strangle each other over the holiday turkey.


2 thoughts on “Yoinked Traditions and Irritating Christian Family Members

  1. I think by this point, most Christians are at least vaguely aware that their holidays have Pagan-derived trappings and most of them don’t really care. The holiday is a lot more corrupted by consumerism/capitalism anyway- Kirk Cameron should learn from Rev. Billy & the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir instead. He can also thank the Unitarians (mainly Charles Dickens) for reviving Christmas after it was suppressed by the Puritans.

    • See, I thought the same thing-that the Puritans would have stomped all that stuff out. I think I want to research more into the Yulitide traditions in the U.S.

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