The New Year

I’ve always liked the New Year. I like it the same way I like a fresh notebook and pack of pens.

It’s nothing but possibility.

This year I intend to:

Work more on getting in a solid meditation routine.

Focus more on the shifting seasons and changes constantly happening around me.

Allow myself to feel my fear when it happens instead of ignoring it, and move through it.

Give my family the attention they need, but still make time for my work.

Expand my use of divination. Currently it’s my last resort when I’m having a problem, and I’m thinking of making it more of a part of my day to day.

I’ve also got the typical mundane intentions: Lose some weight. Exercise more. Read more classics. Make sure I’m giving time to my partner. Cook most of my meals. Then there’s some cross over here: I’m dropping caffeine entirely, so I’m going to drop chocolate as well. I’m also looking to cut dairy and sugar out of my diet completely.  The Modern American diet doesn’t agree with my body and Loki’s giving me the push to be healthy even if it’s harder than just eating whatever crap is lying around.

And the biggest on both the mundane and spiritual levels: Allow myself to lose control sometimes. Type A personality be damned.


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