Loki, The Gambling Miracle

So, for…OH, I’d say a few months now Loki has been insuring that He gets His devotionals from me (which I think are just as helpful to me as to Him).


Well, with what I consider to be a Lokean miracle, perhaps dubious, but something I contend is a miracle. It makes my life better, and anything that makes my life better, yeah, I’ll clump that in with divine intervention.

Let me back up.

I’m kind of low on funds, chronically, because I’m a writer, editor, temp job worker (when absolutely necessary) and parent. (Parenting is expensive, in case you missed that.) I like to burn incense and candles for Loki, daily. You can see where the problem comes in.

About three or four months ago I was out if incense, feeling pretty low, bitching to myself on the way to the store to pick up a newspaper. When I got there I got this PUSH to go to the scratch off machines (you know, waste a dollar get a ticket to scratch off). Loki was telling me to do it, go get one, and I was arguing about wasting the money. When I actually got over there? There was a fly trapped in one of the plastic covers, and the name of the game had Fabulous in the title.

Long story short, I won enough money to get Him His incense and was really, really happy about it.

I haven’t been low enough on cash since to worry about it, but after the holidays it finally happened, and my incense stash ran out, and there I was feeling like crap about it and not even realizing how much so. I went to the store, again to get a newspaper, and there it was again. A tickle. A Loki tickle. So, I paid attention and He was telling me to go to the machines again. Now, the first time I thought might have been a fluke, and I was arguing with Him (possibly myself, I’m willing to accept that I could be a wee tad crazy, but I’m good company) and when I get there to the machine there is a holiday game with a Santa who looked suspiciously like Odin.

…2 dollars in the machine. 25 out. Loki got His incense.

So, that’s the story or my solstice miracle, and it means so much to me.

Hail Loki!


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