Boiling in the Cauldron: The Mystery of the “God-Hounded”

I’ve talked about, on my blog, how I felt I was, basically, stalked by Loki for months after I had a bad experience that didn’t have to do with him precisely, but happened BECAUSE of him. I think at that time I would have done anything to make Him go away, make it ALL go away. I’m glad it never came to that and everything worked out, but a lot of spirit work is frightening, or can be. And I’ve heard of people who had extremely terrifying/terrible experiences as well. The thing is, I fall into the camp of people who would really like to believe, when the day is done, that the dieties in question weren’t the ones causing the problem. I like to believe that they were being misrepresented by a malicious spirit, or what have you. I think that’s probably not right though. Our deities have many aspects and they aren’t always pleasant. And some deities are likely not pleasant to most people based on their work. I’ve heard horrible stories of Loki, stories that don’t sync with MY Loki at all, but they are out there, and some of them must be true.

Magick From Scratch

wee_mee_centeredI’ve talked a bit, already, about misinterpreting gnosis, mishearing deities, and things we can do to increase our accuracy, or openness.

Now, however, I want to turn to what is, for me at least, an extremely uncomfortable topic. I want to talk about what happens when gnosis goes bad.

**If you have had this sort of experience, this is your trigger warning. If you have had a bad experience with a deity, or if being confronted with the possibility of this sort of thing will be distressing to you, I urge you not to read any further **

What does it mean when deities appear to be hounding, stalking, and abusing people?

First of all, yes, this does happen. People do have powerful, negative experiences of deities. I personally know at least half a dozen people who have had such persistent, negative experiences. They are otherwise sane and stable…

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