Loooki, Juxtaposition

I’ve listened to native Icelandic speakers say Loki’s name online probably …well, more than the average person would consider healthy. He didn’t prompt me to do this, it was something I took into my own head to go about. Sometimes I practice though…and when I practice?

He notices that.

I’m not sure He likes it because I’m saying it the “right” way (not that he dislikes my accent, I’ve been assured), or if it’s simply that in the end it becomes a chant of His name.



So, this morning I was practicing saying His name. Frustratingly, I can’t ever get my tongue to match up with what my brain tells me is proper. I was in the bath and not particularly paying much attention. I became aware of His energy, lounging there, sitting on my toilet, watching me say His name.

Singularly the strangest juxtaposition of the mundane and spirit world I’ve ever directly experienced.

Hail Loki, The God Who Makes Himself at Home Anywhere.


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