Satanists are Pagans Too


This meme was fueled by a discussion on a widely used pagan forum about whether or not to give a booth to Satanists …because they’re Satanists and “not pagan”. Excuse me? When did that happen?

And Satanists are generally no more disruptive than other Pagans at events. I’ve seen many a drunken, naked participant, especially at week long camping circles.

I mean, I know it might not be a popular idea, but I can’t think of anything so opposed to Christianity, as Satanists are. If they are squarely in the Abrahamic paradigm, which many Satanists are not, even then shouldn’t we welcome them? They’re worshipping a different god than the Christians, and that, really, is all it seems to take to shelter under the umbrella of Paganism. That’s not even getting into the discussion of Luciferianism and the Satanists that don’t accept the Abrahamic paradigm. The ones who go, NOPE, these gods existed before the bible and the bible got it wrong. (I’m kind of in that camp, since genesis talks about a council of gods making the world if you read it in Hebrew and understand the different nuances of the word forms.)

Where does all this self righteous Paganism come from? It reminds me far too much of the Heathens who cower from Loki because he’s “evil”. Loki’s not evil, He’s just got shit to do and He gets it done. I suspect Lucifer is the same way. I’m sure His people Adore Him, He has His Loves, and does His good deeds and bad deeds in the world just like every other entity.

Lokeans probably share a special empathy with, or would that be sympathy for, Satanists. Both of our deities get single sided stories told about them, are feared and constantly maligned, and then people are surprised when They get shitty with the occasional irreverent mortal who doesn’t expect anything better from them and calls them up anyway. That’s assuming folks even get the real Lucifer or Loki on the line. I’ll always defend Satanists because I would hope someone would take up the cause of Loki’s people in our absence.


Musings on My Muse and His Bloodbrother

Where Loki goes, Odin follows, usually at a sedate pace, sometimes just to check things out because Loki does some interesting things when he’s left to his own devices. Where Odin goes, Loki stalks by his side, because Odin doesn’t usually mix it up unless it’s important. I experience Them as Loki fiercely devoted to Odin, though I think Odin is every bit as devoted to Loki-He just doesn’t wear it on his sleeve the way Loki does.

I’m convinced when working with One we usually, at least peripherally, will experience the Other. Sometimes Their energies mix together and blend and are a beautiful new thing. Sometimes working with Loki I will suddenly realize perhaps I’m talking to Odin instead, though rarely vice versa.

They’re tricky, Those Two.

Spiritual work is not the Polytheist or Pagan equivalent of free cycle. Do take note.

I frequently cringe when I read something Ms. Krasskova writes. There’s something about her tone, no bullshit-no holds barred-that sometimes rubs me the wrong way. I’m not entirely sure what it is, maybe something in myself that shies away from being especially assertive that I frequently note as missing from my daily interactions and this woman has it in spades. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I genuinely DON’T agree with her, but today I do AND I don’t.

We need financed community. I’ve been saying this for years. As Heathens/Pagans/whathaveyou we simply don’t have the network other mainstream religions have to provide safety for our communities. We can’t organize efficiently enough to oust predators or provide safe havens in quite the same way that others do-even when they bungle it-and a lot of that is because of money. Covensteads are wonderful, but they are small, and they are frequently not open to the public unless the area where they are found is extremely small and “the public” might be a grand total of about six pagans in the area. What I’m getting at here? Yes. Yes we need financing. No, we can’t expect people to work their ever loving balls off for us without anything in return. I’ve watched the collapse of my local pagan community due to similar things. Everyone always wants something for nothing. The few people who have money end up footing way too much of the bills.

BUT, here’s where I’m seeing a different side from Ms. Krasskova. The pagan community doesn’t have a huge problem with giving money because we’re all stingy miserly assholes, I think the pagan community tends to attract people who askew mainstream living, which quite frequently correlates with poverty. I haven’t had a traditional paycheck in over a year, and that leaves me wildly grasping to fill the money void from time to time with normal every day essentials. There are frequently times I couldn’t pay someone for anything even if I wanted to. And yes, there were times in the past when I didn’t receive medical care I needed because I couldn’t pay for it either. If we had a stronger community, a FUNDED community, however, people would still have something to fall back on even when their own finances were in shambles. I’m lucky enough that I have a kindred, whom I love like my own family, so when I have troubles it’s to them that I head and I hope I keep my own door open wide enough in return.

There’s something to that-the community of people who simply help one another, but there are times when having a temple to flee to, to make offerings to, to simply sit in, would benefit everyone. I don’t know what the answer is, honestly. You can’t take a culture of people who askew authority and make them fund it, even when they’re clamoring for it. I suppose on a personal level, as a practitioner at least make sure you’re covering your own expenses and time whenever possible and when the people you are working with clearly have the means.

Money is such a tough thing to work around when someone simply doesn’t have it.

Gangleri's Grove

So once again the issue of whether or not to pay our religious professionals has arisen, this time in an article on wild hunt. Really? Of course you should pay your specialists. I can’t believe how often this comes up. I think it’s indicative of the deeply unhealthy relationship our communities have with money. It boggles the mind.

I’ve written about money as a powerful and sacred tool, of how to develop a working relationship with the spirits of exchange and transformation here. I’ve even taught a class in how to develop a healthy working relationship with money. I’m not going to repeat myself here. Instead, I’m going to speak bluntly on the matter (and if a healthy dose of profanity offends you, best leave now).

I simply cannot believe this is coming up again. Seriously, I should hope people wouldn’t quibble about paying a doctor or hairdresser, a tailor…

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