Musings on My Muse and His Bloodbrother

Where Loki goes, Odin follows, usually at a sedate pace, sometimes just to check things out because Loki does some interesting things when he’s left to his own devices. Where Odin goes, Loki stalks by his side, because Odin doesn’t usually mix it up unless it’s important. I experience Them as Loki fiercely devoted to Odin, though I think Odin is every bit as devoted to Loki-He just doesn’t wear it on his sleeve the way Loki does.

I’m convinced when working with One we usually, at least peripherally, will experience the Other. Sometimes Their energies mix together and blend and are a beautiful new thing. Sometimes working with Loki I will suddenly realize perhaps I’m talking to Odin instead, though rarely vice versa.

They’re tricky, Those Two.


2 thoughts on “Musings on My Muse and His Bloodbrother

  1. I’ve noticed that sometimes when Loki’s around, Odin is too. But more quietly, in the background. They have even taken the forms of animals and followed me some places Elsewhere.

  2. Hi! I’m not really sure why it took me this long to follow or comment, but… oh well. I’ve noticed this too. And they’ve definitely been animals stalking me through the woods or around the farm, as per the above comment.

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