Satanists are Pagans Too


This meme was fueled by a discussion on a widely used pagan forum about whether or not to give a booth to Satanists …because they’re Satanists and “not pagan”. Excuse me? When did that happen?

And Satanists are generally no more disruptive than other Pagans at events. I’ve seen many a drunken, naked participant, especially at week long camping circles.

I mean, I know it might not be a popular idea, but I can’t think of anything so opposed to Christianity, as Satanists are. If they are squarely in the Abrahamic paradigm, which many Satanists are not, even then shouldn’t we welcome them? They’re worshipping a different god than the Christians, and that, really, is all it seems to take to shelter under the umbrella of Paganism. That’s not even getting into the discussion of Luciferianism and the Satanists that don’t accept the Abrahamic paradigm. The ones who go, NOPE, these gods existed before the bible and the bible got it wrong. (I’m kind of in that camp, since genesis talks about a council of gods making the world if you read it in Hebrew and understand the different nuances of the word forms.)

Where does all this self righteous Paganism come from? It reminds me far too much of the Heathens who cower from Loki because he’s “evil”. Loki’s not evil, He’s just got shit to do and He gets it done. I suspect Lucifer is the same way. I’m sure His people Adore Him, He has His Loves, and does His good deeds and bad deeds in the world just like every other entity.

Lokeans probably share a special empathy with, or would that be sympathy for, Satanists. Both of our deities get single sided stories told about them, are feared and constantly maligned, and then people are surprised when They get shitty with the occasional irreverent mortal who doesn’t expect anything better from them and calls them up anyway. That’s assuming folks even get the real Lucifer or Loki on the line. I’ll always defend Satanists because I would hope someone would take up the cause of Loki’s people in our absence.


14 thoughts on “Satanists are Pagans Too

  1. Hm, as someone that honors both Lucifer and Loki, I can’t help but think this meme is a bit inaccurate. While I completely support the idea of including everyone, I don’t agree that all polytheists are pagan.

    Just as Satanists and Luciferians are not the same thing, polytheist does not equal pagan. Pagans tend to be more about nature, the earth and the cycle of the seasons. While it is true that Satanists could have those values, the majority are more about wisdom, education and personal growth.

    The same could be said about Lokeans and Heathenry, but that is a much bigger argument (and one I don’t have enough band-aids for).

    • Well, I consider anyone who wants to be included as pagans, as these Satanists did because they wanted to be at a Pagan event, AS Pagans. I’ve met Christian Wiccans I would consider Pagans. To me the word “pagan” is the nebulous overarching term that literally includes just about anyone and everything that isn’t a dedicated, highly organized, mainstream religion. It’s more of a gathering place or a jumping off point into the different segments of “paganism”. Kind of like I would find a Satanist text in the New Age section at Barnes and Noble packed in next to Raymond Buckland and Scott Cunningham. Especially if the Satanists are saying, “US TOO”, I think it’s deeply disrespectful and downright rude to turn them away because of personal bias on the part of people running an event.

  2. Reblogged this on Wytch of the North and commented:
    Probably this is already clear because I’ve made devotional items for Nono, but in case anyone is still wondering: YES, I am Satanist-friendly and demonolatry-friendly. I am willing to make devotional items for the Infernal pantheon (and have; in fact there are a couple such items in my shop right now), and I consider them a pantheon like any other. I’m once again baffled by the need of some pagans to be so judgy. Glass house, stones?

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    Yes. I don’t personally identify as a Satanist – I do identify as a Luciferian and a demonolater, but not as a Satanist. (I have nothing against Satanism, however, and have friends who are theistic Satanists, and my allegiance is firmly to Lucifer’s realm [well, there and Vanaheim].) As someone who is dual-trad – both a dedicant of Asmodai and married to another demon, and has had a longtime working relationship with the Vanir – I really get sick and fucking tired of the way demonolaters get shit on by other Pagans and treated like we’re not welcome in the club. This is bad enough from Wiccan-based Pagans but this is even worse coming from other polytheists. The thing with being a polytheist is the gods exist, even the ones you don’t like. Honoring demons is not the same thing as promoting monotheism and buying into Christianity, mkay, so let’s stop treating it like it is. ❤

  4. Well, there are some Pagans that are still stuck in Satanic Panic mode, and they need to chill out. As with anyone else, I’d judge an individual Satanist (or a group of them) on their behavior, not their label or beliefs. I don’t care much for LaVeyan style Satanism, but that has more to do with its values (extreme libertarianism, think Ayn Rand in dark makeup) But that’s just one type of Satanism. And then again, I don’t like Heathens or Wiccans who espouse that type of politics either! They can still be considered Pagan, I just won’t invite them to my party!

  5. I believe that Loki is a demon AND a god. He introduced me to working with demons. I’ve enjoyed infernal company so much that I periodically toy with the idea of becoming a Satanist. I think I could at least say I’m a demonolater. So yeah, there is a lot of happy crossover in my practice.
    I see no problems with welcoming Satanists under the pagan umbrella. Solidarity is necessary if we are ever gonna make the world inclusive of minority religions.

  6. I think the issue is that many Satanists don’t identify with paganism. I’m not going to speak for Satanists (or Luciferians for that matter), but that is what I’ve heard from the few I’ve spoken to.

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    “PAGANS”AND “WICCANS” FOR the most part just want to be accepted by Christians they even include jesus christ in their prayers and or rituals.
    These same people that the pagans and wiccans want to be accepted by are the same types of people who killed their kind and would love to do it again if they had the opportunity.

    • I like to believe in the basic good of people, but hypocrisy infuriates me. I’d like to hope that if something insane were to happen we-the community at large- wouldn’t turn on one another, but there are certainly times where I’ve seen communities rip each other apart. How much of that is human nature and how much is a function of the community? I don’t know exactly.

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