Be a Rebel, Blow Out Your Candles


Never blow out a candle or you blow away the magick. This was something all little, new baby witches were taught when I was coming up as a youngster. Growing up there were countless frustrations as I imagined I’d ruined a ritual completely by blowing out my candles at the end. Blowing out candles has such joyful, childlike association for me that I couldn’t stop myself from doing it. Then I’d have a meltdown after I did and remembered I wasn’t supposed to. Who doesn’t like blowing out birthday candles? Who doesn’t like controlling something with only the invisible force of their breath? At the time I didn’t question the instruction, but little by little over the years I’ve come at that from a completely different angle.

Breath is life.

Breath, divine breath, wakes up life.

When you’re making a gris-gris bag you breathe life into it, wake up the spirit of the bag, depending on how you make one, of course. They’re not as strong if you don’t.

Your breath is magic. When I blow out a candle I don’t see it as blowing away the magick, but rather using my breath to spread my intention into the universe. I’m adding to the magick. In my mind’s eye I’m spreading the gossamer strands of my intention far and wide with my breath, especially with ritual magick. Of course, there are times I don’t blow out candles. When I don’t want to sacrifice any of my life energy to an endeavor I don’t, but normally if something is worth doing on the magickal front it’s worth me putting any energy I can into it.

Like all magick though, if you just can’t get the idea that you’re blowing away the magick out of yoru head when you blow out candles you’re using in a ritual or for devotional purposes you probably shouldn’t do it. You program your intentions with your thoughts. That’s why mental control is such an integral part of witchcraft in general.


5 thoughts on “Be a Rebel, Blow Out Your Candles

  1. I always blow out my candles, regardless of what anyone says or thinks.

    Part of it is due to health reasons: Being mostly blind, working with candles by myself tends to be a little tricky at times, and I (along with just about every other blind person I’ve spoken with on the subject) ends up hurting themselves more if they try to snuff out a candle any other way than blowing it out.

    On a spiritual and metaphysical level, however, I believe that blowing the candle out charges it with your life giving breath, amplifying the energy, and making the whole thing stronger. Also, being strongly linked to the element of wind, and being Brigidine (with some minor flametending practices in my love’s name) I have been taught to blow out the flame, to take it’s energy into myself and thus bless myself with the sacred energies of the flame I was working with.

  2. I’ve never understood the prohibition against blowing out candles. I’m a musician- a vocalist and flutist, specifically, so breath is sacred to me an your description makes perfect sense. I’ve also been known to whisper prayers or incantations or whatever else might be into the rising smoke of burning incense, letting breath and fire work together deliberately. If it works, go for it!

  3. I have never heard of any of this before. I am now very excited to blow my love towards my Beloveds. *giggles*
    On a safety level, the instruction to not blow out your candle is silly. Eventually, you’re going to want to blow out your candle because you don’t want to set something on fire.

    • The advice was always to use a candle snuffer or just let them burn out, which yes, can be a tad dangerous if it’s late and you’re tired or need to go to bed.

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