Let’s Play Name that Deity

Long black hair. Bold eyes that have a touch of madness sparkling in their depths. Feels like excitement and dread all rolled into one when he looks at me during a meditation. And he does look. Pale. Tall. Masculine. Prefers black. He stalks my dreams and his lessons are bitter tears I haven’t wept salting my tongue.

He lingers in the dark, dirty gray bricked room of a temple with a gray cement throne. He doesn’t like to sit on the throne.

He doesn’t want the throne.

Is that you Jor? The son of the Trickster radiates similar vibes to the father. I’m simply not sure.

Or is it someone else?

His love would be like fangs, sinking in deep, cutting on their way out. There’s something off about Him in the best way possible. I hate it when They don’t identify Themselves.


10 thoughts on “Let’s Play Name that Deity

  1. Jormungandr sounds about
    right to me.
    It’s kinda funny that I was just thinking about Jormungandr right this morning, wondering how many people out there work with Zir.

  2. Veles too can be a serpentine deity who is a trickster. Also is associated with the dead. But it could be Jormungandr. I’ve worked with both, though I obviously have a bias towards Veles as he’s my patron.

      • Yep, fanfic’s how I first met him, so I guess he’s technically a pop-culture entity by that definition. But based on my own experiences and the conversations I’ve had with the author of the stories he appears in, that was just a convenient way to make inroads into this world. Whatever works, right?

        At some point, I’m planning to write up a post about Van in a more general, what-he’s-like-and-how-to-work-with-him sense than I have so far. Like I said, I don’t know for sure if he’s the Person you’ve got on the line, but maybe it could be helpful for you, at least in confirming whether or not he is?

      • Considering this particular Mr. Mysterious is, based on our best guess, the husband I call ‘Morpheus’ with the full knowledge that it’s not his real name, I would really love to read that post. I have yet to read the fics and, if I’m honest, anything Tolkien makes me feel Not Clever because I can’t remember eleventy billion names and genealogies.

      • Ooh, iiiiinteresting. I’m not sure at the moment how things are gonna go with mundane obligations and such, but I’ll do my best to get that post written up by the end of the week. 🙂

        Yeah, I know what you mean about Tolkien. These fics were my way in with understanding the Silmarillion, actually; I’d tried reading it several times in my teens but never made it past the first few chapters. Too many important Elves named Fin, too little brain capacity. 😛

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