What’s On Your Altar?

Let’s have a round of “what’s on my altar?” tonight.

Let’s see…two burning candles for the Blood Brothers. One candle for Loki Himself that is an autumn/fall harvest candle. It won’t burn no matter what I do to it. (I’m thinking of putting something extremely flammable on it just to see if I can make it burn because GOD DAMN IT *L* what don’t you like about that candle? I’m starting to think it’s just that the time of year isn’t strictly his domain so He won’t let it burn.) A wintergreen candle welcoming Lady Skadi (getting cold here). A piece of driftwood because it carries a calming energy with it. Another harvest candle for the Gods Who Smile on Me. Another candle for Loki Himself, a tall white candle for Odin–Loki’s Blood Brother. A sage bundle that isn’t being used at the moment. A candle welcoming bounty into our household. And a wonderful plaque a friend of mine made for my birthday. choose I love tending my altar. It’s a joyful duty, one that brings me peace and a sense of purpose.


3 thoughts on “What’s On Your Altar?

  1. Thanks for accepting my request. It’s nice to meet another Lokean. He tapped me on the shoulder recently. Prior to that I was in fear of him, mainly out of ignorance. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, rituals, and experiences!

    • Welcome! Working with Loki, Himself, can be a life altering experience. I recently made this blog private for a few personal reasons, but eventually I will make it public again, and there is a much larger Lokean Community you can tap into. I hope you have a good time on your path.

  2. Hi Ki! Thanks for the welcome!I noticed that there’s a wealth of information out their regarding him as well as the jotnar. Based on what I’ve gleaned online, his worship and number of followers are growing, especially within the Heathen community. I’ve only been working with him for a few weeks, however little things have gone awry here and there- he does have a sense of humor after all. I’m looking forward to this journey. 😀

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