A is for A Long, Long Time Ago



Once upon a time I was locked in a Tower, away from the world, to keep it safe…

Once upon a time I was locked in a tower, gazing out hungrily. Yearning.

Touch. Smile. Love.

None of it was Mine.

Once upon a time I was Him and He was Me, and neither of Us were happy.

Once upon a time, a Trickster jolted Us free.

Set Us loose, on this unsuspecting world.

As a Favor.

As a Lark.




So, many of you may be wondering why I did a big, “I’m going to reopen this blog!” thing, and then pulled a radio silence.

I’ve been contemplating discussing some of my PCP experiences (Pop Culture Paganism for those of you not in the know), as they have vastly outnumbered my staid and true “Old Norse” experiences of late….sort of.

Everyone already thinks those of us with a living practice are crazy anyway, so I’m not sure why I’m so hesitant.

Rumi would be an outlier today with his whirling poetry and his incorporeal lover.


I’ll begin at the beginning, as that’s where things usually start. When I was a child, probably about 8 or so, I was friends with Peter Pan. Now, I’m fairly certain Peter was a guise for Loki, a fairly thin one at that, but the longer I contemplate things and the more I interact with “spirits”, hell, who knows?

What I was once convinced was a face of Loki could have been Him, or Someone else…or the mass conscious energy converted into Peter Pan.

There wasn’t a night for a few years that I didn’t spend about an hour before I fell asleep in my head space with Peter Pan. He was my friend, oddly even at that age my Lover, and a foil for my plans and ingenious ideas. We inhabited a Land of Dreams, a creation entirely of our making, which I never knew until reading Peter Pan as an adult is the Very Essence, of Neverland. Neverland is constantly changing, shifting, renegotiating realities….

And that is where we were.

And I argue, to some degree, that is where all of us who spend time with Pop Culture Entities go to Play.

All of this Pop Culture Mess starts at the beginning, A Long Time Ago, in the stories our Elders told us, the Playland of dreams, where we were free and didn’t know any better and loved best and hardest.

Pop Culture Paganism starts in the unbridled joy of childhood, or at least it did for me.