Who? What? Where? Huh?

This is a blog about some of my experiences interacting with the Divine, energy work, religion, ghosts, Oogidy Boogidies, theology, hypocrisy, and dealing with how they intersect with Mundania. Oh, and don’t forget Loki Himself.

This blog has also evolved into a thought bank. I’ve been putting thoughts here so that I can come back and mull them over again and again until some sort of sense and cohesion begins to take place with everything. So far, the sense making has been minimal, but it will come in time.

A bit about myself:
I am a parent and partner. My husband is supportive and another “touched” individual. I was exceedingly lucky to find him and have the good luck to get on perfectly with him in every way, on every level. He is my soul mate. (I say that actually meaning the words. He goes looking for me when I wander off or get lost. He’s good that way.) I’m a writer, thinker, and part time Bohemian.


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