Dreamscapes and Apples

Time for another potentially meaningless dreamscape episode from Ki.
So-this dream seemed to take place in it’s entirety between 5:30 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. …sort of. It was a continuation dream from earlier in the night, but after I woke up to drink some water it got more vivid, or perhaps I just remember those parts better because they were the closest to when I woke up for the day.

In any event…

I was a male of my own age in High School. I wasn’t supposed to be there, and the entire thing had a 21 Jump Street sort of vibe, and I’m not sure why I was there really other than I wanted to finish my senior year. For some reason I never did get to graduate from High School and I looked young enough that I decided to go for it and someone was stupid enough to let me in. I got the impression that I was close to getting away with all of this. It was spring, when a female teacher found out about me. She confronted me in the library, but she didn’t actually confront me, she did decided to have sex with a student in front of me instead-doing something wrong but knowing I wouldn’t be able to tell anyone without possibly outing myself-and she was getting off on the thrill of having a voyeur.

She was beautiful in a darkly exotic way. She was a very curvy woman, hips, thighs, breasts all extremely rounded an alluring. Her hair was long and dark, her lips were pillowy and red, and, now here’s an odd part, when she took off her shirt her breasts were apples. They were still breasts, as in still flesh, but they were vibrant red apples…tattoos? It has stuck with me because they were APPLES. Now, this might be my brain getting literally with some descriptions (How many times have I read about boobs being the size of apples or something like that? What else…peaches…yes, female anatomy is compared to fruit and flowers quite often.) I just can’t shake the imagery. And when her shirt came off she became decidedly somewhat demonic and menacing. I watched her have sex with the other student feeling upset about it. It was wrong that she was taking advantage of him, but I also didn’t want to get kicked out so close to finishing my Senior year. I was being forced to decide between what was right and my own life milestone, and honestly the guy she was on didn’t seem to be unhappy about the situation at all. In the dream I walked out of the room and outside into a snowstorm, walking away from the building that was very much like the High School I did graduate from and I was buried in guilt. Then I woke up.

I’m not always great at breaking down dream imagery, but there’s a chance I feel like someone is going to stop me before I succeed at something I really want-and right now there are a few things I’m working on. I do sometimes think of sex as a weapon, depending on the situation. The entire dream was so bizarre though. And the apple symbolism? Well, apples immediately draw to mind Adam and Eve or the Golden Apples of immortality. Eh, there are so many ways to get Freudian and weird with a dream like this.