July for Loki 2015 or Lokkasplosion on My Life


I believe this will be my third July for Loki. It seems like I should have been at this longer for some reason. I’m excited this year in a way I wasn’t quite last year, and I think it’s because I haven’t been getting in as much time with Loki as I’d like. Having a month that I know I’m going to be setting aside time for Him is a huge deal for me. I’m not planning on addressing the origins or reasons for the Month for Loki in this blog post—though I think the practice originated with Galina Krasskova—as others cover the topic more thoroughly and knowledgably than I, but the month roughly corresponds with the rising of Sirius which varies from region to region. Read more about Sirius here. According to the simulator I found Sirius doesn’t rise in my region until late July (though I’m not entirely confident I’m reading the results right.) But, that’s no reason not to go ahead and give him the whole month.

I have some exciting plans for this month and a few things I’m already planning on working toward. I think my major focus is going to be meditation. I’ve had varying degrees of success with traditional meditation, but I thought I would branch out and try a few different things, such as focused meditation (using an image or other tangible object for meditation), chanting (what words or tones remain to be seen), and art as a form of meditation. I’m also going to try to tackle meditating with and around children and children’s schedules, as my youngest keeps the same hours we do it often makes it difficult to do anything especially deep as far as meditation goes. When you have to keep an eye on your candles for fear that small fingers will be in them it does tend to put a damper on things. To round out the art extravaganza I’m also going to attempt to have a few pieces of flash fiction here and there as well as some poetry.

A major focus of my work this month is also going to be prayer. I’ve created some small prayers for Loki previously, though nothing I’ve ever been especially good with remembering the words to, and I would like to start shaping something that will be useful to me overall. I’ve also been meaning to figure out a regular meal time prayer for my family for quite a while, as it’s something my husband has mentioned he would like more than once, which isn’t exactly Loki related, per se, but is something I think this time would be good to be used for.

Yet another goal of July is to start working my witchery back into my day to day living. There are various ways to do this with such simple things as cleaning my house “with intent” to cleanse negativity at the same time, to cooking with joy and love, as well as remembering to sage the apartment at least once a week. There’s so much I could do with this. My daughters have also been coming home with Willow branches after rainstorms from our local park and I’m thinking of making them into besoms. I should probably add some simple crafting to my list then, as well.

So, that’s the “Loki’s Amazing Fun Month of Chicanery” so far as I have it mapped out. I’m fairly certain this will be augmented with some beach trips to meditate as well, but I haven’t set out anything in stone. July Fourth we have plans to celebrate the Independence of our country with some friends, but that won’t be time off for me. Loki likes celebrating, so I’ll be inviting him along too.

One last teeny tiny thing that I’m working on that is a special request from Loki Himself, is being cheerful. Yes, he’s asked me to be cheerful and less negative. It’s not good for anything much to be stuck in a rut, including health, magickal workings, or my family.

What are your plans? I hope everyone aspires to a wonderful month of happiness, even if they aren’t celebrating for Loki.


Jormungandr-The World Snake or Loki’s Child

Jormungandr is one of Loki’s children that I actually seem to get a lot of input from here and there. Whenever I’m not paying attention, when I start ignoring the Otherness around me and slipping too far away from my center and I get back into a regular meditation practice I start getting striking snakes as a vision. It’s terrifying and not-I’ve never been bitten, but I’ve been struck at. I had a snake I dearly loved as a child, so I’m familiar with them. They do have personality, if you know how to look for it. They have likes and dislikes and I’m very convinced that mine loved me, so overall, I wasn’t freaked out by Jormungandr.

A lot of my interactions with Jormungandr have been with a large, exceptionally large, snake or with striking snake visions, but, and here my experience differs from many others I have read, Jormungandr almost always comes through for me as very, potently, male. I’ve had dreams with Jormungandr and some deeper meditations and usually I am presented with a male-late 20’s to early 30’s-black hair, pale skin, dark or green eyes. Very dark on light coloring. He’s flirty and reminds me A LOT of Loki, but He’s very much not. Jormundganr’s energy pattern almost confuses me because at times it is very close to Loki’s. Jormungandr’s energy usually comes across to me as almost darker, as if everything that He (I’m going to go ahead and use He here because this is the way that Jormungander has been presenting to me, so really I feel silly dancing around it because most everyone else gets a more neutral version of the World Serpent) does or says is tinged with taboo-that feeling of treading close to be doing something uncomfortable.

Now, some people might ask me if maybe the antenna on my godphone needs adjusting. Am I discerning correctly? Am I sure that this isn’t Loki I’m interacting with? The answer to that would be: I am 100% sure. Loki is tricky sometimes, and uses many masks, but His energy is always the same. He always feels the same to me. I know when I’m interacting with Loki. I’ve earned that knowledge the hard way. Okay, nothing is fool proof, but if I had to lay money on it I would.

I was completely fine with this, and still am really, but the more I read and try to expand my knowledge and understanding the more I realize other people don’t have this experience of Jormungandr as sexed. Most of what I have read, especially the UPG heavy stuff, says sexless or both sexed. Kaldera even calls into question whether or not anyone who has an experience with Jormungandr where He’s communicating with anything like human type consciousness is actually speaking to Him. I will admit when I first read that I was a little put out, and I did sit down and do some thinking, but when all was said and done I was still sure I’ve been getting communication from The World Serpent, and sometimes I do get the striking snake and nothing else, something that is set to bring my attention running quickly.

The reason I’m blogging about this is because one, my experience seems to have drastically differentiated from that of a lot of others, and two because I like to let my experiences guide me. There is a big tendency to read things written by others and immediately start calling our own experiences into question, which to some degree is okay. It’s not a bad thing to pick at an experience and learn something about ourselves, but there’s also a time to simply trust our own discernment and not fall into the trap of allowing others-simply because they have taken the time to write about it-to steal away our certainty. I believe that as spirit workers we all need to be able to trust in our own abilities or work on them. Everyone has their own filter and their own lessons to learn, so my experiences may not be the same as yours and yours may not be the same as mine, and that doesn’t delegitimize either. Then why do I blog about stuff like this? Because it’s still pretty freakin’ neat when I do find someone who has a shared UPG experience, and also there may be people out there that this info might help. I’d hate for someone to read Kaldera or others and say, “Oh, I’m not really talking to Jormungandr because of XYZ” and not be able to find anything else because everyone who isn’t having that experience is keeping it to themselves.

So, that’s my 2 cents on Jormungandr. I interact with a very male, very dry humored, very down to earth child of Loki, who chooses to present to me as male, though I’ve never seen the clothes come off in the human form interactions. I feel it would be a bit rude of me to call that presentation into question because it doesn’t fit the generally accepted mold. Maybe Jor has dude days and chick days and a-sexual days. I can dig it.

Whisky Ritual

Do I have the salt? No, it’s in the bathroom. Do I have the whiskey? Yes. Do I have it in the circle? No, shit. Okay, whiskey IN the circle.

Cleanse the area, cast the circle.

“Okay, Loki. I’m going to try to do this thing, where I am conscious of offering you what I’m taking into my body. I have no idea how to do that, but…here goes.”

Whiskey-no taste at first, then a smooth burn down my throat. Warmth settles in my belly.

I move into meditation.

I’m in my temple, but for once the sky is overcast. It is NEVER overcast here. The wind is blowing and I can see the World Serpent out in the primordial waters over the churning waves. It is a black sea in a black night, but my temple is illuminated. Fingers card through my hair. Turning I see a man with no clear face.

“Why can I never see you clearly? I never have a face to go with these sweet caresses.”

“You’re looking too hard to see.”

I’m pouting. I know I am and the whiskey is warming me from the inside out.

“Whiskey tastes good on your lips.”

And I’m slammed back into my body.


This meditation and ritual offering brought to you by Jack Daniel’s Black Label.

Meeting the World Serpent or Thanks for Having Such Interesting Kids

My initial idea last night was to meditate for a few minutes. Just a few. I wanted to say that I’d done it. Kind of like rushing through your homework so that you can go out to play when you’re a kid. I know I should meditate daily, but sometimes I am just too tired or too brain dead by the end of the day (which is the only time I have to do so).

I turned on some light music, but it had words, so even when I sat down to meditate things didn’t go as smoothly as usual. I never mediate with music because I know it distracts me, but for one reason or the other I did this time. My meditation cycle was more like tuning into an old television set than the high def with surround sound I usually have.

I got flashes of a shape changer-fangs-a white mask slipping off-a large snake weaving and striking-

Fight or flight was trying to click on in my body. My immediate impulse was to run out on this. I was only going to mediate for a few minutes, anyway. I wasn’t going to do any heavy lifting tonight.

The time before this that I meditated Angrboda gave me a lesson in fear. I’d tossed it off as her having a bit of fun with me, but now I think she was preparing me. She’d pulled me into the primordial waters surrounding my temple (an area that I had never previously considered frightening) and laughed at my indignant sputters as I hauled myself out. She’d told me, in a haunting voice-she hadn’t been corporeal…err…well, whatever-, “We’re working on fear now, my dear.”

We’re working on fear. I sat through my fear instead of pulling completely out of my meditative state even though I fell a bit out of it. Then suddenly, again like turning a dial on an old television set, I was in my temple. I stripped, as per usual, and took a dip in the pool, and then he was there.

He was there in a humanoid form, and he hovered over me. For a moment the rolling energy reminded me of Loki, but it wasn’t He. Then the transformation began and I saw his face, such a massive snake. He slithered away from me, but his massive body-large as an ancient tree trunk-just kept sliding by me.

“Climb on,” he beckoned. So, I did. Somehow, even though he was moving I didn’t, and his large scales were incredibly stimulating. Satisfaction and chuckles were my impression of his mood, though he didn’t directly speak to me using a voice.

I’ve never come out of a meditation with a hungry need to finish what was started elsewhere, before. My, it was nice to finally meet you Jormungandr. I had trouble remembering your name until I actually met you.

Hail Angrboda! and Hail Loki! for having such pulse pounding children.

Other people said that to invite Loki into your life is to invite his entire family. It seems they aren’t wrong on that front. I’m not sure what lessons I will learn from the World Serpent, but I am intrigued.