Tarot Readings, Prayers, Rituals, and Other Such Things

Prayers and Rituals

I would be happy to construct a ritual or create a prayer for you. Currently, I am anticipating this to take me about two to three hours per request. I will meditate, research, and do everything I can to give you something you truly enjoy.

My current estimated charge for this is 25$, though if you would like something extremely involved or more than one prayer I may adjust the price to reflect my time spent on the project. I maintain intellectual ownership of each payer or ritual I create, meaning that I may at some future time use the prayer elsewhere, post it to my website/blog, put it in a compilation ect. You aren’t paying for the prayer or ritual so much as you are my time. If this is something you are uncomfortable with please don’t ask me to construct a ritual or prayer for you. If the prayer or ritual is for something extremely personal we can talk about it when you contact me.

Tarot Cards

This is a new section on my page. Initially I wasn’t going to do anything of the sort, but I’ve been picking up my cards again.

All tarot card pulls are handled with the utmost privacy and discretion in mind.

For every request I will do 2 card pulls on the question and give you a comprehensive transcript of the pulls and my interpretation. This takes me about two or three hours to do, mainly because I am thorough and tend not to rush these things. If you would like me to do more pulls or if you would like me to take to an alternative medium I can do so, but the price will go up mainly because my time input will be increased.

Currently the charge for this is 25$, but I am willing to negotiate/trade, and other things depending on the circumstances.

Other Requests

If there is something else you think I can help you with I would be more than happy to consider it and give you a quote if it is a project I would be interested in taking on. Please keep in mind I do not do possessory work.



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